My clippers are Lister Liberty and Legato -  they are heavy duty, fairly quiet and are mains run, but they can also be run off my car, so electricity is not necessary as long as there is easy access for vehicles.

All horses and ponies MUST BE CLEAN AND DRY PRIOR to my arrival for clipping.


Prices in 'red' are for ponies under 14hh

Full Clip - legs off (1/2 head or whole head)    £50

Pony                                                             £45

Hunter Clip - legs on (whole head)              £45

Pony                                                             £40

Hunter Clip - legs on (1/2 head)                 £40

Pony                                                             £35

Blanket Clip (1/2 head)                                 £30

Pony                                                             £25

Trace or Irish Clip (1/2 head)                        £25

Pony                                                             £20

Neck & Belly Clip                                      £15

Pony                                                             £10

Artwork (freehand or template)                        £5 per side

Please note - Templates must be supplied by you


Manes (solo comb or traditional)                        £15

Tails (rake only)                                               £10

Beards (scissors or clippers)                               £5

Feathers (experienced horses only) - clippers   £15

                                                   - scissors   £25


Manes                                                          £25

Tails                                                              £15

Mane and Tail together                           £35

Standard Black, White and Brown silicone bands are supplied and inlcuded in the price, as well as a range of other colours including Purple, Baby Blue and Baby Pink!

Diamante bands, in most colours, are available for an additional £8. Please let me know on booking as i do not stock them so they need to be ordered in.


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